Friday, September 5, 2008

Close odf Service Photo Group 26

The last Peace Corps conference ever! Exciting, sad, informative. The last time I'll ever see alot of these people.

Friday, August 15, 2008

All about me

Everything is going well here in Namibia. This particular photo is of Aron, my host brother, and I and our garden. This was nothing but a flat patch of sand, and after 30 wheelbarrows of soil and some patience we have this. Those are tomatoes in the back creeping up the fence to my yard.

Otherwise my time here is winding up. I tried to apply for an extension, but that didn't go through so in December I am back, for the time being. I plan on attending graduate school someplace.

Here everything is calm. Exams just finished for the second term. I'm going to relax for a few days and then go hiking with some friends in the Fish River Canyon in the south of Namibia. It's the second biggest canyon in the world behind the Grand Canyon, you know. The students from Chipping Norton left a week and a half ago, so everything is calming down from those guys. They did some really wonderful things for the school and they interacted with the kids. My kids are becoming addicted to interaction with non-Namibians. They practiced with me some questions they wanted to ask the visitors and they were impressed. Otherwise, its just a matter of winding down. We had a youth conference planned for way back in July, but the funding 'fell through' so thats been indefinitely postponed, probably to never. Its a bummer because we worked so hard on it and even had made some bookings for accommodations and what not, but it wasn't meant to happen.

I am looking way forward to coming home in December and I'll see you then.

The Cavern

I forget the given name for this cavern. I t was very cool though. We actually fell alseep in the sand. Awoken abruptly by french tourists. I hate french tourists.

The Crew

Martha, Jonathan and Elise the crew that I trekked thru the Namib desert with to see sand dunes. The were really pretty though and Elise is a stellar navigator.


These are the dunes that are so famous to Namibia. We took Golf, which is a really tiny car thru the desert and the mountains for four hours. By the way if you need an underpowered car driven thru the mountains I am your man. It really was beautiful and the campsite was less than what we expected but still very pretty.

Bolt Molly

Bolt Molly. The small puppy that was cared for by the World Chalenge people for three days and then thrust in my direction. How can you say no? He is naughty and untrainable, but still adorable. Bringing him home is up in the air.


Thisis rhe girls playing netball on our new netball court. It really is nice and even the teachers and our secretary go and train the girls and play with them. It really does give them something to do. My time is almost up, but we could have a powerhouse netball team some day. Theres a few of the big private schools that have some thrashings to answer for.